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The San Bernardino Precooler

Alterations in Terrace Water Cos Lines.pdf

Detail of Fan Framing.pdf

Details of Manhole Frame and Cover.pdf

Drainage Diagram.pdf

Floor Plan of Icing Dock Precooler.pdf

Floor Plan of Powerplant, Tank Room, Day Storage.pdf

Floor Plan of Winter Storage.pdf

Insulation Details.pdf

Longitudinal Sections and Elevation of Precooler.pdf

Longitudinal Sections of Power Plant, Tank Room and Day Storage.pdf

Longitudinal Sections Winter Storage.pdf

Reinforcement Details - General Buildings.pdf

Reinforcement Details - Roof Girdere and Beams.pdf

Reinforcement Details Precooler.pdf

Reinforcement Diagram.pdf

Sectional Plan of Air Ducts for Precooler.pdf

Transverse Sections.pdf

Wiring Diagram.pdf

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