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Athearn 65' Mill Gondola

Updated 8-3-06

In 2006, Athearn released models of the ATSF 65' Mill Gondola GA-47, 48, 55, 60, 76 and 91. The model bears a repaint date of SB 6-43. The model features hingled drop end.

Twenty five GA-47s were built in 1937 by General American Transportation Corporation. Fifty more came in 1940 designated GA-48, fifty more as GA-55 in 1941. In 1949, ATSF had Pressed Steel to produce 100 of the same design as GA-70. Fifty more were built in Santa Fe shops in 1951 as GA-76. The final 150 cars were also constructed by the Santa Fe in 1955 as GA-91s. So that brings to 425 cars of this design on the ATSF.

Richard Hendrickson did a full review in The Warbonnet, 1st Quarter 2006. His review stated, "The new gondola models are highly accurate and superbly details, with scale size rivets both inside and outside, thin molded ends which can be modeled either up or down, folding stack pockets molded into the insides of the side, and grab irons that are either delicate styrene moldings or wire. " The model weighs 3.5 ox, 2 ounces short of NMRA recommendations. With the sizeable fishbelly sides, it is easy to hide weight in the underbody. The GA-55 should have National B-1 trucks while the GA-70 should have ASF A-3 "Ride control" trucks.

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Underbody Detail
Brake end, drop ends
Interior details
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