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Suydam-Lambert Cars

Updated 5/27/07

In this day of expensive brass passenger cars, modelers are looking to some earlier models as alternatives. The Suydam cars were produced without underbodies, except for RR-1. Lambert later took up the line and added underbodies to all of them. None included trucks. The Suydam cars had a MSRP of $18.95-21.50. In the Spring of 2004, you should expect to pay $75-100 for them on Ebay.

The cars appear to be based on the illustrations found in Santa Fe Car and Locomotive Plans for Model Railroaders, 1948, 1953, ATSF.

Below are cars of interest to the Santa Fe Modeler.

7530ATSF Reefer4050-4099
RR-1800080' Standard Cafe Observation1513-1514Air conditioned, but lacking roof hatches.
 8010Observation, 4-1 LoungeVista 
RR-2810080' Standard Pullman 12 section No real prototype
 8110Pullman, 10-6Palm 
 8120Pullman 24 RmtIndian 
RR-3820080' Standard Santa Fe Diner1400-1418Air conditioned, but lacking roof hatches, kitchen roof vents, upper windows should be blanked out.
RR-98300Standard Lounge Car1360-1369Very crude roof hatches.
 8310Dome Lounge500-505 
 8320Full Length Dome  
RR-4840076' Standard Coach Chair3130-3133Air conditioned, but lacking roof hatches
 841044 seat Coach2861-2945 
RR-8850078' Standard Combination2602-2607 Rider2' too long, Vestibule end is wrong.
RR-6860060' Standard RPO70-79
 8610RPO80-81Not completely accurate.
RR-773' Standard Combination2544-2545Window configuration is incorrect on one side, Vestibule end is wrong. It needs more grabs. 2544 is at the Illinois Railroad Museum.
RR-5870070' Standard Baggage1710 - 1839
 8710Baggage Car Not accurate for any ATSF car. It is a cross between the 3432 Budd and 3409 ACF series.
8900 Business ObservationOriginally named Santa Fe, it was renamed Atchison in 1957.

View the Suydam catalog for RR-1 - RR-4.

View the Suydam catalog for RR-5 - RR-8.

View the Lambert Associates Catalog 5A (1973).

View the Lambert Associates Catalog 9

Reference: Santa Fe Passenger Cars, in the Santa Fe Modeler by Lambert, by Michael W. Flick. See also Modeling the Fast Mail Express in The Warbonnet, 2nd Quarter, 2011, for more details.

Corrections and input to Steve Sandifer.

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