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Walthers Pennsylvania B60B Baggage

Updated 8-5-06

Much of the mail and media handled on the ATSF originated in the New York area and was received by the Santa Fe in Pennsy cars. The B60B was a common one seen on the ATSF.

The best review of these cars appears on line in the Pennsy Keystone Modeler, #31, February, 2006. These cars had several different paint schemes and door configurations, so a modeler would be wise to varify which is correct for his time period.

As with other recent Walther's productions, wire grabirons are included for the modeler to drill and install and decals are included for car numbers. Underbody details are limited.

932-5871, Released Oct, 2005, prewar paint with green trucks and underbody, dark brown roof, rectangular door windows. Andy Miller reports, "many B60b's survived with their rectangular windows until quite late in life, so the 5871 is usable for the 50s if you repaint the trucks black." Since the Pennsy was not known for having clean head-end and express cars, he adds, "You want to cover the car with Rail Brown to weather it, and the older car would have had its paint faded anyway."

932-5872, Released Oct., 2005, Late paint scheme with keystone heralds, modern door with round window, black roof, underbody and trucks, messenger star and roof vents. Since this is a messenger car, it would not normally be seen off of home rails.

932-5876, Released Oct., 2005, Postwar paint, modern door with round window, black roof, underbody and trucks, messenger star and roof vents. Andy Spirandeo reports that these cars began in interchange head-end service in September 1948. Bob Zoeller reports that to make this into a normal baggage car would require removal of the star and roof vents. That may be one of the 2006 versions.

Side view
Minimal underbody details
End view


Corrections and input to Steve Sandifer.

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