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Walthers Hwt. Baggage

Updated 8-4-07

In March, 2007, Walthers released the 932-10514 ACF Heavyweight 70' Baggage Express car painted in Missouri Pacific Eagle paint. This is the prototype for this car. Unlike many earlier Walthers cars, the grab irons are factory installed on this car. It comes without numbers but a decal sheet is included for cars from 4169 to 4241. Underbody details are limited.

This car is painted for the Eagle paint. All MP baggage cars reportedly were in this scheme by 1952. Randal Heide reports, "The dark blue scheme (Mopacer's call it Jenks Blue) was introduced in 1962 but wasn't applied to all the cars of this type until 1964 or 1965. I believe Walthers also has parts for "modern" doors and a turtleback roof variation for this same base car which are available in other road names and the undecorated version. According to photo research (and backed up by the experts on the MP forum) cars in this class haphazardly received the rounded roof and/or modern doors through the 1950s, but by the 1960s there were still a few without either of these modifications. So the car as offered by Walthers is possibly good well into the 1960s. For 1950s modelers wanting a little variety, a turtleback roof would be appropriate and should be an easy modification."

Prior to 1952 many were in Pullman green, a paint scheme yet to be released by Walthers with MP marks, although an undec in Pullman green has been released (see below). A detailed article on the 127 AC&F cars of this design acquired by the MP appeared in the Spring-Summer 2007 issue of The Eagle published by the Missouri Pacific Historical Society. For my 1952 time frame, a photos of the 4185 and 4209 appear satisfactory. The article details some of the numerous changes that affect the appearance of these cars through their lifetime.

The ATSF often picked up MP Baggage Express cars at Kansas City for movement west. Examples can be found on this website. A Specific example is 4169 on the California Special #75 September 17, 1957, at Lubbock.

Side view
Minimal underbody details
End view
Roof Area
Close view of door area
Andy Sperandeo purchased the undec in pullman paint and decalled it for the pre-50s look. His number is 4193.

Corrections and input to Steve Sandifer.

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