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Walthers Pennsylvania R50B Express Reefer

Updated 5-21-07

The Pennsy R50b express reefers were released by Walthers in 2003 and are to be re-released. They were common on ATSF express trains. Pennsy had 548 of them in January, 1951. The best review of these cars appears on line in the Pennsy Keystone Modeler, Vol. 25, August 2005. The Walthers car represents a post June, 1944 appearance with freight safety appliances. Plans and photos also appear in the RPC #9, page 72ff.

The Modeler article states that the primary focus is on underbody detail and providing a closer coupling with other cars. the R50B rarely saw a car washer, so heavy weathering is essential.

As with other recent Walther's productions, wire grabirons are included for the modeler to drill and install and decals are included for car numbers. Underbody details are limited.

Side view
Minimal underbody details
End view
As detailed and weathered by John Pitts for its last days on the PRR.



Corrections and input to Steve Sandifer.

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