Santa Fe FT Locomotives

FT Tool Boxes

Updated 2-5-2011

All Santa Fe FT B units are thought to have had two tool boxes under the long end. They are much more visible on passenger painted engines, but appear to be on all. We would like to have more information about these boxes.

The one on the "Engineer's" side looks like a steam engine tool box with a sloped lid.This box scales out at 36" wide and hangs down about 30" from the floor of the locomotive. It appears to be fairly deep. Gordon Locke reports, "The toolboxes if I remember had a journal jack, a crowsfoot and tools to rebrass a hotbox."

Larry Brasher commented, "After reviewing my FT files all I can add is that it appears that because of the construction so similar to existing boxes the tool boxes may not have been original factory equipment as delivered. Although it is true that I have found no clear photos to prove that either way. I speculate that they were fabricated by the Santa Fe and added as delivered and set-up between 1941 and 1945."


The box on the "Fireman" side is much smaller with a flat face. It appears to be about 18" wide and 24" tall.

Note also the vents in the rear doors of the steam generator equipped passenger FTs.

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