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Photos of Snyder, Texas 1972-1975

A selection of photos taken by Bob Burton at Snyder, Texas during the period 1972 to 1975.

Bob Burton's favorite RS&P photo. Santa Fe sent 4500 worth of F's and CF7's on a caboose hoop to Snyder and will take the RS&P cars on the return to Slaton. However the RS&P train, led by a pair of SW 1500's can not enter the yard. Some fool has backed a very long flatbed trailer up to the Santa Fe's freight dock, and it is long enough to foul a couple of yard tracks. The RS&P train waits with the crew giving the driver the evil eye.

A westbound powered by GP7 2654 in a yellow warbonnet, a passenger B unit in yellow, and a GP7B passes the Snyder depot.

Special trains to handle the RS&P inerchange were not the usual method of handling this traffic. Westbounds stopped to pick up cars and eastbounds dropped cars out. Here a westbound has pulled unto the passing siding at far left and the power cut off and backed into the interchange. The diesels are pulling cars out ot the yard to add to their train.

At the other end of the yard, almost in the shadow of the depot, an eastbound's power backs a cut of cars into the RS&P yard.

RS&P caboose #9.

RS&P diesels and caboose wait in an almost empty yard for the Santa Fe to deliver. Train length ranged from one car to fifty or more. During the RS&P's heyday, the railroad might operate two round trips per day.

MUed SW1500's 500 and 600 were painted red, black, and yellow. The red weathered to a light orange. Most of the company's large freight car fleet was painted yellow and black, but some cars were dark green, red or creme.

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