Epilogue 1941 1991

The Santa Fe's F-units are now as much a part of history as the steam locomotives they replaced. Indeed, the CF-7's many of them became are now gone from the Santa Fe. Many CF-7's still carry on as the prime motive power of shortlines from coast to coast and border to border (and even in Mexico) as most were sold off rather than scrapped or traded in.

For most of four decades the F-units symbolized the Santa Fe. They vanquished steam, they served in every capacity from power for premier passenger trains to mainline freights to branchline and local freights and even to occasional use as switch engines. They are fondly remembered by those of us who photographed them in their later years. Ask any Santa Fe engineman who is still around who ran them and he will tell you they were the best engines the Santa Fe ever had.

Refer to Joe McMillan's book "Santa Fe's Diesel Fleet" for specific information on renumberings of 16, 37, and 300 class units, and his "Santa Fe Motive Power" for specific information on units in the CF-7 program. Also pay particular attention to John McCall's book "Early Diesel Daze" for specific information on FT renumberings as well as build dates and technical information on all classes of Santa Fe F-units.

I am indebted to Gordon Bassett, Stan Kisler, John McCall, Joe McMillan, Jay Miller and John Moore for information and photos. A very special thanks to John Signor and Bo Colson for the use of John's painting for our cover illustration. Thanks for your help, guys.

Lee Berglund

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