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N Scale

updated 8/18/15

Items with (X:Y) beside them are published in The Warbonnet (Volume:Number).



Freight Cars

  • Accurate Late Steam / Early Diesel Freight Car Models as of 2009
  • Concor Fuel Foiler, N Scale (5:4)
  • Intermountain Reefer in N (5:4)
  • Micro-Trains N scale Santa Fe FE-36 Box Car (20:2)
  • Intermountain N scale 1937 AAR Boxcar (5:4)
  • Intermountain N scale cylindrical hopper (5:4)
  • Fine N Scale Products Caswell Gondola Kit (1:3)
  • Intermountain 1937 AAR 40' Boxcar in N (5:4)
  • Intermountain ACF 3-bay centerflow in N (5:4)
  • Prototype N Scale GA-63 Gondolas and TK-L Tank Cars (15:1)

Passenger Cars

Foreign road cars to be found on the ATSF



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