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ATSF Forms

Form 1091, the master list of forms, 1927, 1947, 1958, 1975

Form 7, Feeder Live Stock Certificate

Form 14, Scale Ticket

Form 18, Uniform Straight Bill of Lading, Small

Form 18, Uniform Straight Bill of Lading, Large

Form 18-B Special, Uniform Straight Bill of Lading

Form 18-C Special Large, Uniform Straight Bill of Lading, Coast Lines

Form 29, Monthly Report of Cars Weighed

Form 30C Scale Ticket

Form 63, Non Agency Car Report

Form 67, Live Stock Contract (1941)

Form 67, Live Stock Contract (early)

Form 107, Overweight Tag

Form 236, Conductor's Check of Rail Transportation in Sleeping Cars

Form 280, Record of Registered Mail and Packages Handled

Form 450-A (Rev. 8-75) Record of Switching Freight Bills Issued

Form 500, Instructions to Station Freight Aagents, 1966

Form 808, Conductors Train Record

Form 810, Telegraphic Report of Accident

Form 818-A Switch List - Large, pdf., Form 818-A Switch List - Small, pdf., Form 818-A Switch List - Small, another version, pdf., Form 818 A Standard Switch list - jpg; Form 818 A Standard Switch list - xls file

Form 818-A used as a Stock Yard Foreman's Record.

Form 819, Train Register

Form 822-A, Stock Yard Foreman's Record, Another version

Form 822-B, Stock Yard Foreman's Record, on card

Form 827, Time Return and Delay Report of Engine and Train Employes, Form 827-C, another version

Form 861, Restrictive Card

Form 862, Station Record of Train Movements - pdf

Form 862-A, Record of Transfer of Outgoing Operator to Incoming Operator of Undelivered Train Orders, Clearance Cards, Restrictive Cards and Messages.

Form 873, Proper Handling of Locomotives in Switching - pdf, 1945.

Form 875, Flagman's Trip Report for Passenger Trains

Form 902, Clearance Card - jpg; Clearance Card form 902 - pdf

Form 903,Train Report - jpg

Form 933 Std., Train Order - jpg: Train Order form 933 Std. - pdf

Form 933-B, Train Order - pdf

Form 954, GC&SF Statement showing all rails removed and replaced in Main Track an other tracks for any cause during the month of...

Form 955 (6-29), Rail Failure Report

Form 956, Dept. of Track, Bridges, Buildings and Water Service

Form 957, Work Train Report

Form 974, Report of Ballast and Surfacing Material Unloaded

Form 1016, Track Car Operator's Line-Up of Trains - pdf

Form 1152, Engineer's Report of Stock Struck

Form 1177, AAR defect card, 1943

Form 1306, Red Ball Freight Report

Form 1315, Transfer Car Record

Form 1318 Std, Supplemental Work Order

Form 1329 Std, Loaded Car

Form 1340 Std, Correction to Daily Interchange Report of Cars

Form 1357, Per Diem Rule 22 Reclaim Report

Form 1390 Std, Meat Car Card

Form 1428 Report of Personal Injury

Form 1448 Std, Claim for Loss and Damage by Fire

Form 1514, Register Check

Form 1610, List of Numbers Assigned to Stations - pdf

Form 1645, Rules Governing Time Service for Employes in Train Engine Yard, Roadway and Station Service, 1938.

Form 1677, Registered Item

Form 1700, Shipping tag

Form 1700-A, Shipping label

Form 1714, Track Warrant (5-1-95)

Form 1833, Freight Bill

Form 1846, Livestock Freight Waybill

Form 1850, Empty Car Bill and Home Route Card

Form 1851, Consigned Empty Car Waybill - jpg

Form 1858, Switch Order

Form 1859, Switch Order

Form 1874, Freight Bill for Charges on Articles Transported

Form 1875, Station Record

Form 1876, Demurrage or Storage Bill

Form 1891, Notification of Arrival of a Shipment

Form 2232, Authority to confine Live Stock for Thirty-Six Hours.

Form 2612, Overtime Ticket

Form 2681, Presentation of Loss and Damage Claims

Circular 47, Rules Governing Use of Telegraph-Telephone and Western Union Services, 1962

Circular 227-G 1953,
Circular 227-H 1957, Rules Governing Movement and Reporting of All Loaded and Empty Cars, Tracing of Cars, Telegraphic Code, Perishable Protective Service Symbols.

System Circular 231 Freight train Schedules, Nov 1, 1942 - May 13, 1944.

PFD Injury report

Instructions for Chair Car Attendants & Porters, 1957 - pdf.

Schedule of Rates, Rules, and Regulations for Yard Men, 1924 - pdf.

Santa Fe Refrigerator Department Switch List

Bulletin Book, Valley Div., 1973


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